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Water/Wastewater Emergency Number 920-948-6825

Water/Wastewater Utility

The Utilities Department operates and maintains both the water and wastewater utilities. The water utility includes service to more than 2000 customers with 31 miles of water main, over 325 fire hydrants, 4 wells with iron filtration, fluoride and chlorine addition. The wastewater utility services the same customers with approximately 30 miles of collection mains, 5 lift stations, and a 1.2 million gallon per day extended aeration wastewater treatment facility. The utilities also prepare monthly billing and operate the payment collection program.

Payment Options

Water bills are sent out monthly and are due within 20 days of the billing date.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

Automatic Payment Plan - Free automatic payment set up is done at the Utility Department. The account balance will be automatically withdrawn on 16th of the month, or business day following the 16th. To sign up for this free service, fill out and return the ACH Authorization Form to the Utility Department at 400 Kekoskee Street.

Payment Service Network (PSN) also offers an automatic payment plan. PSN charges a nominal fee. 

             PSN hints:  - When setting up your account, enter the utility account number without the dashes;
                             - Make sure to enter the name(s) exactly as it appears on your bill;
                             - If you need any help setting up your online account, please contact PSN at their
                               toll-free phone number 1-866-917-7368.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or e-Check online or by phone through PSN.
                             - Address or name changes cannot be made through PSN, you do need to contact our office 
                               directly at (920) 387-7906 x 1224.
                             - When making name changes, please let our office know you have a PSN account. 

Payment by Phone - Call Payment Service Network (PSN) toll free at 1-877-885-7968 to pay by phone.

In Person or By Mail - make payments by cash, check or money order at:

                                       400 Kekoskee Street
                                       Mayville, WI 53050
                                       Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30a - 4:30p, Fridays 7:00a - 3:30p

                                       City Hall
15 S. School Street
                                       Mayville, WI 53050
                                       Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00a - 12:00p; 12:30p - 4:30p

City Hall has a silver drop box in their parking lot if you cannot make payment during business hours.

A late payment charge of 1 percent per month will be added to bills not paid within 20 days of issuance.  This late payment charge will be applied to the total unpaid balance for utility service, including unpaid late payment charges.  The utility customer or property owner may be given a written notice that the bill is overdue no sooner than 20 days after the bill is issued. Any bills not paid by the September due date will begin the process to be placed on the property owner's taxes.

Rust-Colored Water: Causes and Explanations

Rust coloring in water can occur when the flow of water through a pipe comes in contact with oxidized iron (rust) sedimentation caused by corrosion inside either water mains or the plumbing in your building. The result is a brown/orange/yellow coloring to the water. Despite this discoloration, the water is safe to drink and there is not a health concern.

What can be done about discoloration depends on the source. Below is some information about what can cause discoloration and what should be done to correct it.

Discoloration caused by municipal water mains.


Discoloration in the municipal water supply is typically caused by an event that impacts the water flow in the distribution system. The sedimentation in the mains is stirred up and mixed into the flow of water. Some examples of these types of events are: a water main break, fire hydrant usage (either hydrant flushing or during a fire), or construction work involving water mains.

Road construction during 2018 was a cause of water discoloration in Mayville. Closing water valves at various locations around the city altered the flow of the water through the system and stirred up the sedimentation in water mains throughout the city. Due to the length of time the water valves had to be closed during construction, it may take several months after the construction is complete for the system to settle back down and return to normal.

Signs discoloration may be caused by municipal water mains:

  • Discoloration is at every faucet in your building
  • It takes several minutes to clear the water when running it at high pressure
  • Discoloration still continues while water is being used


After one of the types of events listed above, the system needs to be cleared of sedimentation. Letting your cold water run for a few minutes near the location where the water enters your building (such as a laundry tub or first floor sink) should help clear it up. It is also recommended that you wait until the water is cleared before using the hot water, dishwasher, or washing machine to avoid allowing the sediment to collect in these appliances.

Routine maintenance of the water distribution system helps reduce the buildup of rust sedimentation in the water mains. This is accomplished by flushing water through the system using fire hydrants. The City of Mayville flushes fire hydrants in May and October of every year. Notices will be posted in advance of the dates the fire hydrants will be flushed – watch for these notices both on your water bill and in the Dodge County Pionier. Please note that if you run your water a short time after flushing has been completed near your building, you may notice some temporary water discoloration.

Discoloration caused by plumbing in your building.


Metal plumbing used inside a building is typically made of either copper or galvanized steel pipe. Galvanized steel piping was used in older buildings and will corrode over time, causing a rusty discoloration of water. An old water heater may also cause discoloration of water.

Signs discoloration may be due to plumbing in your building:

  • Discoloration typically occurs every morning or after several hours of inactivity, then clears later
  • The water clears within 2 minutes or less (the time it takes for all the water that had been sitting in the pipes within the building to clear out and be replaced with fresh water)
  • Discoloration is only at certain faucets in the building
  • Only the hot water is discolored and the cold water is clear


Water discoloration due to plumbing inside your building cannot be fixed through hydrant flushing. It is recommended that you contact a plumber to help locate any plumbing fixtures that may cause water discoloration, such as galvanized steel plumbing or an old water heater.

If you are unsure of the source of discoloration, a Mayville Utility employee can remove your water meter and inspect the water as it enters the building. This will help determine if the water entering the building is discolored or if the source is more likely the plumbing inside the building.

If you have any questions about your water, please feel free to call the Mayville Utility Department at 920-387-7906.

Courtney Steger

Director of Utilities
Phone: 920-387-7906 ext 1223

Nichole DeBaker

Utility Accountant
Phone: 920-387-7906 ext 1224


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Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Phone: 920-387-7906 x 1224
Email: utility@mayvillecity.com
400 Kekoskee St.
Mayville, WI 53050

Service Hours
Monday-Friday 6:30 am to 3:00 pm

Emergencies after Service Hours call 920-948-6825.


Pay Your Water Bill Online

Click here to pay your Water Bill 

*A convenience fee of $1.00 for check and saving payments; 2.75% (+$.50 if under $100) for credit and debit card payments.

How do I sign up for AUTO PAY at no extra charge?

Fill out the ACH Authorization Form.

Email completed ACH Authorization Form and a voided check to utility@mayvillecity.com.