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Police Department

The mission of the Mayville Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Mayville by working cooperatively with the public to enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce the fear of crime, and provide for a safe environment. The Mayville Police Department will strive to privide quality police services and promote a "partnership for a safer community" through police and citizen interaction, with emphasis on education, respect, fairness and integrity.

Chief of Police-Ketchem

Police Chief Jim Ketchem-beginning 9/24/2018
Phone: 920-387-1301


Lieutenant Ryan Toellner
Phone: 920-387-7903

Contact Information

Phone: 920-387-7903
Fax: 920-387-7918
25 S. School St, P.O. Box 273
Mayville, WI 53050

Winter Parking

The City of Mayville has updated it's Winter Parking Restrictions. The previous rule of no overnight parking beginning Dec 1st, is no longer valid. In a combined effort to better serve the residents of the City of Mayville, the Mayville Police Department and the Mayville DPW will be following a "1 inch rule". The DPW only plows if there is 1 inch or more of accumulated snowfall. If snowfall does not reach 1 inch, the DPW will only salt the roads. Therefore, the Mayville Police Department will be following this rule as well. Parking Enforcement will only be conducted if snowfall accumulates to 1 inch or more. Residents may park on the street overnight if there is not enough accumlated snowfall. We do ask that all residents follow weather advisories and plan accordingly to assist with this transition. 

**Parking overnight on Main Street and in Municipal Parking Lots still have the same restrictions they have in the past**