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John Guinn

Mayor 4/2024
Home Phone: 920-214-3097
Email Address: mayor@mayvillecity.com
Address: 525 Fairway Ter, Mayville, WI 53050

Jack Abbott

First Ward 04/2025
Home Phone: 920-948-8573
Email Address: ward1@mayvillecity.com
Address: 702 Bridge Street, Mayville, WI 53050

Joseph Tillmann

Joseph Tillman

Second Ward 4/2024
Home Phone: 414-202-0604
Email Address: ward2@mayvillecity.com
Address: 124 N German St, Mayville, WI 53050

Michael Schmidt

Third Ward 04/2025
Home Phone: 262-323-2057
Email Address: ward3@mayvillecity.com
Address: 422 Short St Mayville, WI 53050

Roger Smith, Council President

Fourth Ward 4/2024
Home Phone: 920-279-3543
Email Address: ward4@mayvillecity.com
Address: 334 Pinecrest Court, Mayville, WI 53050

Kenneth Neumann

Kenneth Neumann

Fifth Ward 4/2025
Home Phone: 920-979-5466
Email Address: ward5@mayvillecity.com
Address: 920 Dayton St, WI 53050

Kim Olson

Sixth Ward 4/2024
Home Phone: 920-382-8541
Email Address: ward6@mayvillecity.com
Address: 631 Seitz Avenue, Mayville, WI 53050

Want to Run?

Election is held for Alderpersons and Mayor every April with 2 year terms.

  • First, Third, and Fifth Wards in odd years.
  • Mayor, Second, Fourth, and Sixth Wards in even years.

Questions, please feel free to contact the Clerk's Office: 387-7900 x 1203.