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Information Required to obtain a Permit for new single and two family dwellings

  • Two Sets of Plans
  • Two Surveys or Site Plans, showing all setbacks and erosion control measures
  • Calculations heat loss
  • Contractor’s State Certification numbers
  • Completed building permit applications

Projects Requiring Permits

  • New Homes
  • Additions, including decks and sheds
  • Remodeling
  • Roofing, Siding, Window replacements if over $1,000
  • Commercial
  • Signs
  • Electric, Plumbing, and Heating changes
  • Fences, Retaining Walls
  • Pools

Any project that requires excavating, improving, altering, converting, repairing, extending or demolishing of lot, building or structure must first obtain a building permit. Separate permits must be obtained for land disturbing, erosion control, plumbing, heating, electrical, and building. Permits are also required for both temporary and permanent electrical service. Signs include banners, flags, balloons, and sandwich boards.

Required Inspections

  • Erosion Control
  • Sewer Lateral & Water Service
  • Setback, Footing & Bleeding Tile
  • Interior Drain Tile, Sump & Vaper Retarder
  • Foundation & Exterior Drain Tile
  • Underfloor Building Drain
  • Permanent Electric Service
  • Concealed Plumbing Rough
  • Heating Rough
  • Construction Rough
  • Firestop, Ventilation, Insulation & Vaper Retard
  • Final

The Building Inspector spends part of the day in the office and part of the day out in the community. If you come in or call while the inspector is out, your call or message will be returned when the inspector returns to the office. When leaving a message or coming in please be prepared to give the location address, type of inspection, and the contractor’s name.